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【Spark Culture-潮語系列】
第一回:Quit Youtube

我哋又有新嘅系列—Spark Culture!講吓一啲香港本地同流行文化~ 而打頭陣會係「潮語系列」,介紹一堆大家平時常見或者新嘅廣東話網絡潮語~ 呢套系列會陸續更新俾大家,大家有興趣記得留名跟進🤩
第一回:Quit Youtube
源自於 Youtuber Brain Cha 嘅直播片,因為有網民指佢喺Youtube 所購買嘅廣告太煩,所以喺直播中勁激動咁回應大鬧網民:「我畀一個建議畀你,唔鍾意嘅 Quit 咗 YouTube 佢!」高傲嘅態度引來全城圍攻。

圖 : ChoyAn / ET
撰:LKW / Winky

#sparkculture #潮語系列


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Thai Protests: TANK-MAN scene appears in Thailand

Photo credit: @KhaosodEnglish

#วชิราลงกรณ์เป็นฆาตกร #ม๊อบ16ตุลา
#泰國反政府示威 #水炮車 #雨傘陣
hk_spark photo

[One year ago]
“People celebrate with fireworks, here we have tear gases”

– Wong, 73, member of Protect Our Kids Campaign

#HKgov announced the disqualification of twelve #LegCo2020 candidates of which, nine elected from pro-democratic primaries, accumulating 169304 votes. hk_spark photo

Implementation of #NationalSecurityLaw in Hong Kong brought hundreds of thousands of protestors onto the streets. Rubber bullets, water canon loaded with pepper spray, teargas, etc. were used against peaceful protestors holding “✋🏼☝🏼” sign representing their “five demands”. hk_spark photo

31 years after the #TiananmenSquareMassacre, HK police refused permission of the annual event, first in 31 years. Still, crowds of citizens gathered at #VictoriaPark and areas across HongKong to commemorate, neglecting police objection. Hk independence slogans were heard. hk_spark photo

“HongKongers no longer need to worry about extradition. National Security Law could give Beijing law-enforcing agencies direct jurisdiction authority in HK.” Says @KwaiLamHo, news reporter, assaulted by pro-government mobs in 21st July 2019. #HongKongProtests #HongKongSecurityLaw


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