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「港版國安法」條例應用廣泛,不少機構出版刊物均受限制而被迫停止。由突破機構出版的Breakazine 第62期《危險閱讀》因受到港版國安法壓力,今日正式宣佈停止出版。

《危險閱讀》原定七月出版。港版國安法訂立後,突破機構早前暫緩原定出版時間;經諮詢相關法律意見,最終得出結論:「基於對新法例實施的理解仍有不確定性,並希望保障一眾共同參與者,我們決定,正式停止 Breakazine 062《危險閱讀》的出版。」同時,機構亦發聲明指出「編輯團隊將暫停2020年10月出版的一期Breakazine製作」,並「計劃於明年年初再與讀者見面。」

突破書誌季刊 Breakazine 於2009年創立,每期書均會深度剖析一個社會議題,以鼓勵青少年多角度獨立思考。然而書誌於數月前開始備受文匯報等傳媒關注,將其舊年出版、呼籲青少年直面情緒和恐懼的第60期《勇氣不滅》解讀為「鼓吹青少年勇武抗爭」,一度引起搶購熱潮。據悉新一期《危險閱讀》為推廣閱讀書單,內容並未有明顯直接觸及抗爭議題。


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Thai Protests: TANK-MAN scene appears in Thailand

Photo credit: @KhaosodEnglish

#วชิราลงกรณ์เป็นฆาตกร #ม๊อบ16ตุลา
#泰國反政府示威 #水炮車 #雨傘陣
hk_spark photo

[One year ago]
“People celebrate with fireworks, here we have tear gases”

– Wong, 73, member of Protect Our Kids Campaign

#HKgov announced the disqualification of twelve #LegCo2020 candidates of which, nine elected from pro-democratic primaries, accumulating 169304 votes. hk_spark photo

Implementation of #NationalSecurityLaw in Hong Kong brought hundreds of thousands of protestors onto the streets. Rubber bullets, water canon loaded with pepper spray, teargas, etc. were used against peaceful protestors holding “✋🏼☝🏼” sign representing their “five demands”. hk_spark photo

31 years after the #TiananmenSquareMassacre, HK police refused permission of the annual event, first in 31 years. Still, crowds of citizens gathered at #VictoriaPark and areas across HongKong to commemorate, neglecting police objection. Hk independence slogans were heard. hk_spark photo

“HongKongers no longer need to worry about extradition. National Security Law could give Beijing law-enforcing agencies direct jurisdiction authority in HK.” Says @KwaiLamHo, news reporter, assaulted by pro-government mobs in 21st July 2019. #HongKongProtests #HongKongSecurityLaw


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